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The holiday house ‘Jasmine House’ offers a serene retreat for families and friends who appreciate a rejuvenating escape in a forested setting, just outside the city. The environment is harmonious, especially suitable for strengthening health. The idea is based on the family’s values ​​and wishes for joint, meaningful, undisturbed rest in a separate area, also with children.

‘Jasmine House’ is located at the very border of Jelgava – only a 7-minute drive from the city center, but it has a ‘veil of forest’ so that guests can enjoy their vacation undisturbed, in a clean environment, in a closed area in any season. No road transport passes by. Nearby is the river Svete and a recreation area – wooden boardwalks at the flood-land meadows of the river Svete.

jasmine house


Holiday house 'Jasmine House'

95,00 eur/day

up to 6

6 bed places
+ crib




The two-story log building has all amenities, three rooms, six beds places and a cot for a baby. For guests well-being, there is an equipped kitchen, the possibility to use the outdoor pavilion ‘Near Jasmine Home’ and the children’s playground, as well as to cool off while sitting at a table on the balcony with a view of the forest. Towels, bedding, firewood, picnic equipment available. There is a fire place where you can cook soup or warm up in the embrace of a blanket of snow.

Loud parties are prohibited.
Only one household/company can stay in the lodge at the same time.

Jasmine mini camper rent

35,00 eur/night

25,00 eur/night (on site)

2 adults
+ 1 child

1,40 x 2,00 m


min. 2 days

category b
driver's licence

Renting Jasmine mini campers is a dream come true to give the opportunity to go on a trip to nature like a snail with your house on your back. With such a tourist trailer, stopping at a campsite or at the edge of a forest or on the seashore is a great pleasure with a sense of freedom.
Tourist trailers can be attached to any passenger car. There is a kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, sink, cooking surface, dish racks. Salon equipment includes a mirror, lockers. There is modern lighting. The cabin is surprisingly spacious, providing an airy feel inside and plenty of room for your belongings. All the electrical outlets are in the right places for a great night if you don’t want to step outside.

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jasmine house

Additional options

For holiday house


Country stone sauna heated by a wood stove. There is a dressing room and a shower. For a healthy spirit – a sauna broom and essential oils.

35,00 eur

Hot tub

The water temperature can be adjusted as needed. For romance – LED lighting and sky full of stars.

45,00 eur


A special additional offer for the guests of Jasmine Home is the opportunity to pamper yourself with a massage, which is done with warm oils, guided by the range of sensations of each person. The procedure combines both classical massage, which relaxes tense muscles, relieves pain, improves blood circulation, as well as elements of Ayurvedic massage techniques, working hand in hand to have a refreshing and calming effect on the body and mind.

20,00 eur
(30 min)

35,00 eur

40,00 eur

For campers


Placed outside,

10,00 eur for entire period

Picnic utensils

Set for
2 persons

5,00 eur for entire period


For 2

5,00 eur/day

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